Handunit for 1-Motor-Control advanced


cvolution wireless hand unit with advanced focus knob. Compatible with all ARRI White RF cvolution camin, ARRI UMC-4 and ARRI ALEXA Plus/Mini cameras

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5.113,00 €

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This cvolution hand unit is equipped with an advanced focus knob for single motor or synchronized motor control. The advanced focus knob offers torque adjustment, mechanical limits, back-lit maker ring illumination and mechanical lock and can be used in either right or left handed configurations. 


  • cvolution hand unit with ARRI White RF
  • advanced focus knob (incl. 1 marker ring) + bridge adapter
  • 2 hand unit batteries
  • battery charger
  • cstrap (neck/shoulder carry strap)
  • antenna
The unique ergonomic and modular design allows the cvolution hand unit to be configured with a basic or advanced focus knob, up to 3 slider modules and a detachable pressure sensitive zoom control unit.

General features: * Designed for right or left handed operation * Modular and expandable for single or multiple motor control * Individual (wood or plastic) hand grip options * Integrated display showing system/camera status where available + motor position and lens data * Extensive yet intuitive settings menu * Automatic, manual and advanced motor calibration options  * Established and 'exclusive' cmotion technology offering advanced 3D, Panoramic and VR lens and rig control capabilities when use with cvolution camin.

All current cvolution hand units are equipped with ARRI White wireless technology. This provides direct wireless compatibility with ARRI UMC-4, ARRI ALEXA Plus and ARRI ALEXA Mini cameras.

This hand unit can be expanded with an iris slider and/or zoom control unit for a full focus, iris and zoom control solution.