Controlled Lens Motor CLM-5 basic Set for Lemo


Controlled Lens Motor CLM-5 basic set including: CLM-5 Motor Unit (K2.0006360), Clamp Console 19/15mm (K2.0006176), Gears: 0.8 (K2.0006753). and Motor Cable Lemo (C0EE-K69).

1.750,00 € 1750.0 EUR

1.750,00 €

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The Controlled Lens Motor CLM-5 is an exceptionally small and lightweight (205 g incl. clamp console, gear and cable), but frightening fast and responsive lens motor. It is perfectly suited for smaller, smooth-running lenses on lightweight camera setups. The CLM-5 motor is directly compatible with ALEXA Plus type cameras and can be used with other cameras together with cvolution camin and compact ONE camin, such as the Universal Motor Controller UMC-4, the Single Motor Controller SMC-1 or cmotion motor controllers. The CLM-5 motor uses the same clamp console and lens gears as the cforce mini motor.