Heden M21VE motor


HEDÉN digital lens motor M21VE with 4 snap-on gears 0.8,0.6,0.5,0.4, bracket, insert 19/15mm.

1.980,00 € 1980.0 EUR

1.980,00 €

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The HEDÉN M21VE motor offers the same great features as the HEDÉN V26ME, however it is slightly larger and more suited for tough lens scales and 3d rig control 

M21VE features:
  • no tools needed for mounting
  • interchangeable snap-on gears with automatic lock action / can be mounted on either side of the motor 
  • integrated adjustable bracket
  • high torque
  • very quiet
  • lightweight and compact 

Weight: 150g
Length: 97 mm 
Width: 21 mm 
Height: 28 mm 
Torque: 0.5 Nm