cvolution zoom-unit


pressure sensitive zoom control unit for cvolution hand unit

2.280,00 € 2280.0 EUR

2.280,00 €

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The cvolution zoom unit is a compact and lightweight extension module for the cvolution hand unit. The pressure sensitive joystick provides smooth and accurate control over any motor it is assigned to while the user assignable buttons allow the operator to change speed, sensitivity, set limits, ZAP (Zoom As fast as Possible), set and recall up to 3 memorized positions, calibrate and run/stop the camera (additional accessories required). When separated from the main hand unit, the zoom controller can be mounted on a pan-bar and cabled to the camin. Or, when mounted on its own ergonomic wooden handle, it can be held comfortably by a separate operator, cabled to the main hand unit and use the same wireless connection to the camin.

 The integrated screen displays:

  • zoom motor position
  • digital speed control
  • digital lens limit
  • marker
  • menu
  • distance (if range finder connected and active)
  • zoom value (if lens data available and active)
  • all lens values + distance (if available and activate) 

If you want to use the zoom on a pan-bar or a gimbal, try out cmotion's pan-bar zoom or steady zoom