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Lens data & lens information package

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Lens data & Lens Information package

  • clensdatabase:
This program allows the operator to create detailed lens files for individual lenses and save them by lens name, serial number and owner. This concise lens database allows you to then save individual lenses in general or user defined files for efficient lens management. Clensdatabase also allows you to edit existing lens files, use them as a template to create new lens files, transfer files to and from cmotion's cdisplay II, and even to share them online. This lens data can also be used by cmotion to create precision engraved marker rings for your hand unit.

  • clensinfo:
This program displays an animated depiction of the current lens on your smart device. Each scale is clearly displayed together with depth of field. When used in combination with Cfinder software and either cmotion's cfinder, ARRI's UDM or Cinetape, the measured distance is also displayed.