ultra bright display for distance visualization

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860,00 €

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The cdistance is a super bright, seven-segment display, which provides a clean and bright visualization of the range finder‘s values. It can be used in bright daylight as well as in darker environments.

If working with common range finders, such as cmotion‘s cfinder III, ARRI‘s UDM, Cinetape or Ward‘s Sniper, the cdistance can be connected directly to the cvolution hand unit, the cvolution camin or ARRI‘s UMC-4.

The sleekest setup can be achieved by using the cdistance directly with the cfinder III. Alternatively, if you are using an Alexa mini with an LCUBE CUB-1, ARRI‘s miniature signal converter, you can also use the UDM or Cinetape in a cforce daisy-chain setup.