cPRO PLUS hand unit


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6.980,00 €

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advanced three axis control interface (plus optional 4th axis control through thumb wheel) for cPRO lens control system, including:

- cPRO PLUS advanced focus knob (including variable torque adjustment, 3 additional user buttons)

- DATA and RANGE licence as well as camera control licences for ARRI, RED and SONY cameras

- Swivel antenna

- plain white focus ring

- plain white iris strip

- ctruss, fastener for cstrap

Product Overview

  • 4 axis control

  • pressure sensitive joystick

  • optional pre-marked focus rings and iris strips

  • Knob with mechanical hard stops, backlight illumination and a panic button

  • Knob torque adjustment

  • Stealth black design

  • All licenses included

  • 9 user buttons

Stealth black design

cPRO PLUS an ALL-IN version of the innovative cPRO LCS hand unit. Bringing together cmotion’s greatest development in ergonomics, mechanics and software in a new stylish high end design.

Finished in high-end black anodized aluminum with space grey design elements, cPRO PLUS is strong and sophisticated for any shooting environment.

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Knob torque adjustment

cPRO PLUS adjusts to your style with its advanced focus knob providing variable torque adjustment. This offers greater versatility to owner-operators and rental houses. 


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3 additional user buttons

To maximize access to the growing number of cPRO features, we have added 3 soft user buttons to the back of the advanced focus knob to ensure all your customized key features are always at your fingertips.


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Finally, cPRO PLUS would not be complete without ALL of our unique camera control and data licenses loaded and ready to go. So, when you see or work with a cPRO PLUS, you know it is top of the line with all available cPRO features, including ARRI, RED and SONY camera control, DATA and RANGE license.