Cable LBUS Star-2 (0.4m/16in)


LBUS-Y-cable for additional power source (Fi m3p coupler, 2x Le m4p) 0.4m/16in

290,00 € 290.0 EUR

290,00 €

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Supplies additional power and connects LBUS daisy chain.
Can be used with different length of e.g.,

[C019-K31] cable RRS-1
RS cable (Fi f3p, Fi m3p) 0,8m (2' 7)

[C019-K36] cable RRS-6
RS cable (Fi f3p, XLR 4p) 0,8m (2' 7)

[C019-K37] cable RRS-7
RS cable (Fi f3p, AntB 2p) 0,8m (2' 7)

[C019-K3R] cable RRS-R
RS cable (Le 2p, Fi f3p) 0,2m