ARRI Ultrasonic Distance Measure UDM-1 Set


Ultrasonic distance measuring device incl. UDM Sensor Unit, UDM Display Unit and cable UDM-Sensor 1,5m

6.290,00 € 6290.0 EUR

6.290,00 €

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The Ultrasonic Distance Measure UDM-1 is a small, lightweight distance measuring device. Comprimising of a sensor and control box, the UDM-1 is compatible with all cameras and lenses. Easy to set up and use the sensor bounces ultrasonic signals off objects and calculates the distance by the time taken for the reflected signal to return. The measured value is then shown on the LCD display, either in feet and inches or meters and centimeters. (source: ARRI website: 12/10/09)

The cvolution system is also compatible with the cinetape and the MK3 Wards Sniper of Focus Technologies LLC