ARRI CLM-3 motor


Arri CLM 3 motor for use with ARRI / CMOTION motor controllers. Fits 19 mm to 15 mm support rods, incl. 0.8 gear and cable CLM-3

2.950,00 € 2950.0 EUR

2.950,00 €

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The CLM-3 has been redesigned from the ground up to meet the needs of working professionals on the set even better. The motor is significantly stronger and faster than the competition to control even heavy, difficult-to-operate lenses under extreme, cold temperature conditions. The CLM-3's modular concept separates housing, gear, cable and bracket to make handling and routine maintenance much easier. To provide more flexibility and various mounting options, the gear now attaches on either side and the extension bracket can be mounted horizontally or vertically over a quick clamp shoe. Due to the different types of available teething gears, the CLM-3 is fully compatible to all existing lens gear systems on the market. Additional inserts make mounting to 19 mm or 15 mm support systems possible. Special Features and Improvements * Significantly stronger & faster than the competition * Modular concept * Separate cable * Gear attaches to either side * Flexible mounting options (product description regarding the ARRI homepage, 12/09/27)