Controlled Lens Motor CLM-4 basic Set for Fischer


Controlled Lens Motor ARRI CLM-4 basic set with FISCHER cable

3.040,00 € 3040.0 EUR

3.040,00 €

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Flexible and affordable, the CLM-4 is a compact and lightweight lens motor. It is faster and quieter than the CLM-2. The CLM-4 will prove especially useful in tight situations with limited space, since the gear modules can be mounted either side of the motor. The motor offers rod-to-rod mounting options, a Hill Bracket rosette, as well as the standard rod bracket. The clamp console is adjustable and, crucially, the motor cable is detachable, allowing quick and easy on-set maintenance and trouble-shooting.

Controlled Lens Motor CLM-4 basic set including:

  • CLM-4 Motor Unit,
  • CLM-4 Standard Clamp Console 19/15mm,
  • CLM-4 Gear Set 0.8, 0.6, 0.5, 0.4,
  • one Gear carrier ,
  • CLM-4 motor cable (Fi 12p/m to Bi/m 8p - 0,8m)