LCUBE CUB-2 (Basic Set)


Adapts servo-zoom lenses (Hirose 12 pin) to LBUS (Lemo 4 pin).

1.260,00 € 1260.0 EUR

1.260,00 €

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Enables Master Grips to directly control focus, iris and zoom of a servo-zoom lens. Provides a switch to select between iris control from camera (auto-iris via camera Hirose 12 pin interface) or Master Grips (via LBUS).The LCUBE has an integrated dovetail for mounting the LCUBE Bracket (K2.0009620) or the CLM-5/cforce mini Clamp Console 19/15 mm (K2.0006176).

Kit includes:

  • LCUBE CUB-2 (K2.0010681)
  • LCUBE Bracket (K2.0009620)
  • cable Lens/ENG 12p-HI 12p analog (K2.0022328)

Note: LBUS cables need to be ordered separately.