cPRO feature wish list

Feature wish list

must have featureimportant featurenice to have
change camera settings for RED cameras
change camera settings for ARRI cameras
change camera settings for Sony cameras
lens data compatibility
lens data handling on hand unit
lens data export/import through USB
network compatibility (to use more than one hand unit with one camin)
pan-bar zoom / steady zoom compatibility
distance display with cfinder III
distance display with ARRI UDM
distance display with Cinetape
distance display with Ward`s Sniper
auto focus function
ARRI RF compatibility
Master Grips compatibility
control EF photo lenses
manual calibration
knob torque adjustement
spread scales on knob
set lens limits
use pre-marked focus rings
use pre-marked iris slider
synchronize scales for special applications (3D, Panorama, Vertigo Effect)
frequency analyzer

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