camin 8M-TC ARRI white / F


camera interface and control unit for 8 motors and time-code function, compatible with 12 pin Fisher motor cables and cvolution handunit with white radio (ARRI)

8.520,00 € 8520.0 EUR

8.520,00 €

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camera interface and control unit for 8 motors for cvolution handunit with white radio (ARRI) compatible with 7 pin Lemo motor cables plus time-code function

General short description:

The camin is the ‘brain’ of the cvolution lens and camera control system. The camin with ARRI White radio works with up to 3 separate wireless control units, drives lens and /or rig motors and can communicate with most of the popular film and digital cameras used in today’s broadcast and motion picture productions.
The camin is equipped with an internal power booster. This ensures the digital motors are supplied with a constant and sufficient voltage even when using 12V video batteries. The CBUS (cmotion BUS system) allows for wired connection of numerous cmotion components including the cdisplay II and cfinder. In situations where wireless connectivity is not permitted, there are high levels of interference or wireless connection is not possible e.g. shooting underwater, the hand unit can also be wired to the camin.