cvolution camin 3M ARRI white / F


camera interface unit for 3 motors; ARRI White RF; FISCHER motor-connectors

3.980,00 € 3980.0 EUR

3.980,00 €

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The cvolution camin 3M is a compact, lightweight and low profile interface for focus, iris and zoom control. Motors can be controlled wirelessly or by cable using modular cvolution hand units.

Popular broadcast controllers can also be used through a new analog interface. The discrete CAL button triggers auto motor calibration while the EXT connector provides an interface for wireless run/stop for a wide range of cameras.
The unique LBUS connector allows for up to 3 daisy-chained cforce motors to be used independently or synchronized for a totally flexible 6 motor set up.


  • 1x RS power
  • 1x Analog
  • 1x CBUS
  • 1x EXT
  • 1x LBUS
  • 3x FISCHER motor ports