cvision focus assist basic set (2nd GEN.)


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cvision focus assist basic set (2nd GEN.) includes:
Main components:

1x cvision main unit (CMU) (2nd GEN.)

1x cvision basic software

1x cmu - rod mount

2x cmu - mounting extension

1x cable LPS-7 - LBUS power cable (Le 4p, Anton Bauer 2p) 0,8m

NOTE: cvision main unit (CMU) is fully LBUS integrated in its 2nd generation, but also offers serial communication for 3rd party lens control systems. - [K0.0010104] LCUBE CUB-1 is NOT required.

cvision focus assist basic set offers

- Stand-alone mode (Nearest function)

- Interface with different lens control systems

What is cvision focus assist?

The cvision measurement unit uses 2 cameras to create and display a stereoscopic depth map from 250,000 real-time measurement points. Various measuring and autofocus features are made possible through the live-view touch screen interface. “Single point” allows you to measure your set on the fly. “Tracking” locks onto a subject allowing you to track it through the shot, or even select your subject before entering the frame. “Nearest” allows you to select a user defined area where the closest subject to the camera is measured and kept in focus - which is a great feature to pick perfectly sharp shots even during a run and gun shoot. 

In combination with a cPRO lens control system, cvision offers advanced autofocus features but also manual control at the press of a button. cvision is the ultimate focus assist on set. But, it can also be used standalone for unmanned cameras in a broadcast environment. 

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• Real-time distance measurement read out 

• Tracking function for moving subjects 

• Interface with different lens control systems (LCS) 

Focus pulling: 

• Integrated LCS functions with direct focus motor control 

• Integrated LBUS interface 

• Multiple autofocus functions 

• Stand-alone mode for nearest function 

• Easily switchable between manual and automatic focus control 

• Variable time and speed control over focus pull 

Advanced focus pulling: 

• Integration of a graphical user interface 

• Visualization of depth map 

• Regular and advanced focus peaking visualization 

• Fingertip focus control 

• Presets 

• Multi tracking 

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The first true focus peaking calculation

The unique depth of field indicator provides perfect focus peaking to guide you when pulling focus manually. 

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