upgrade to cvision advanced set (for 2nd GEN.)


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5.980,00 €

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upgrade to cvision advanced set includes: Main components: 1x cvision control unit 12" touch (CCU) /w power supply 1x cvision advanced software 1x ccu - holder 1x cvision flight case Cables: 1x [C0YE-K01] cable CVI-1 - connecting cable for cvision main unit (CMU) to cvision control unit (CCU) (Le m10p, RJ45) 5m NOTE: required items, NOT included in the advanced set: [C0Y1-K50] cvision focus assist basic set (2nd GEN.) Upgrade to cvision advanced set allows advanced focus control through - Graphical user interface - Visualization of depth map - Regular and advanced focus peaking visualization - Fingertip focus control - Presets - Tracking function for moving subjects - Multi tracking - Customizable nearest function