cvolution Alexa mini Starter Kit basic 2-Motor


Ready to use 2 motor wireless lens control system for ARRI ALEXA Mini with basic focus knob, iris slider and 2x cforce mini (Basic Set 2)

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10.763,00 €

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This ready to use 2 motor wireless lens control set offers a professional wireless focus and iris control solution for ARRI ALEXA Mini on both 15mm and 19mm support systems. The hand unit comes with a basic focus knob and iris slider that can be used in either right or left handed configurations. The direct wireless integration between the hand unit and the camera provides a sleek, lightweight, and expandable set-up. The hand unit can control motor settings, camera run/stop, and display ARRI LDS and camera status.

Set components:

  • hand unit with ARRI White RF, basic focus knob (incl. 1 marker ring) and iris slider (incl. removable marker strip)
  • 2x cforce mini (Basic Set 2) (including cforce mini Clamp Console 2 19/15mm, CLM-5/cforce mini Gear m0.8/32p, 40t)
  • cstrap (neck/shoulder carry strap)
  • 2x hand unit batteries
  • battery charger
  • LCB-4 motor cable (0.3m)
  • LCB-3 motor cable (0.2m)

All new cvolution sets are equipped with ARRI White wireless technology. This enables direct wireless compatibility between the hand unit and both ARRI ALEXA Plus and ARRI ALEXA Mini cameras.

* This set can be expanded by upgrading the hand unit with a zoom control module and simply connecting an additional cforce motor.

* Why not upgrade your system with pre-engraved marker rings, travel case, or even the cvolution camin 3M for use with other cameras