ENG-adapter for cforce (CANON 20p) FIZ


CANON ENG adapter for cforce motors. Compatible with CANON focus and zoom broadcast demands with 20pin Hirose connectors

1.480,00 € 1480.0 EUR

1.480,00 €

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cmotion’s ENG adapters offer the industry`s most compact and streamlined solution for controlling cine style lenses in a broadcast environment. The sleek and simple-to-use CANON ENG adapter allow operators to control focus and zoom through familiar CANON 20pin broadcast controllers but with external cforce motors that can be mounted on any cine style lens.

Up to 3 cforce motors can be daisy chained from the ENG adapter's LBUS connector and powered through the end motor from either D-Tap, RS 3pin or XLR 4 pin.

The iris motor can be controlled either at the camera using cmotion's knob solo, upto 200m away using a knob solo and a cmotion CBUS cable, or through the cameras fibre system and controlled using the knob solo in an OB truck or remote studio.

cmotion's ENG adapters can also be used together with existing cvolution camin, ARRI UMC or ARRI ALEXA PLUS cameras.